A World of Lullabies

What if you could step into the intimate lullaby rituals of families from all over the world? Weaved together in over 25 languages, Lullaby Movement: A Song Cycle is a collection of cradle songs created by Supersense curator Sophia Brous. In the piece, Brous portrays a sleepless girl seeking safety and refuge, hoping to find comfort in these lullabies.

464A6841SB_Katie Barlow

The project started in 2015 when Sophia Brous became fascinated with lullabies as a universal repertoire after a particularly emotional encounter with another artist, discussing the power of children’s songs. The Melbourne-born musician and vocalist visited migrant and refugee communities from around the world to learn ancient melodies and local lullabies directly from mothers.

An exploration into the common need for refuge, this project brings out the universal qualities of lullabies, regardless of time, location and language. Lullaby Movement: A Song Cycle was composed in collaboration with revered British multi-instrumentalists David Coulter (Yoko Ono, Kronos Quartet) and Leo Abrahams (Brian Eno, Imogen Heap).

464A6837SB_Katie Barlow

Book now to see this mesmerizing performance. Tickets available in a Super Saturday Day Pass or a single ticket on Friday Opening night.


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