Overground: A Festival within a Festival (2/2)

Overground, the legendary ‘festival-within-a-festival’ of improvised music, will be the spectacular finale of the Supersense weekend.  An array of world first collaborations between over 50 leading international musicians and artists takes over Art Centre Melbourne’s foyer spaces and rehearsal spaces in the labyrinth beneath the Spire.

From 2pm – 6pm on Sunday 20 August.

Meet more of the artists in the featured collaborations:



Ande Somby (voice), Carolyn Connors (voice) and Golden Fur (piano, clarinet and cello)

A diaphanous curtain of sonorities will unfold as a truly exceptional ensemble forms featuring the gifts of Australian-via-USA trio Golden Fur (James Rushford/Judith Hamman/Samuel Dunscombe), alongside the fiercely contrasting but similarly arresting incantations of Norwegian Sami master yoiker Ande Somby and virtuosic experimental vocaliser Carolyn Connors.



Featured artists – TBP

Truly experimental music should be performed against itself. TBP is a Melbourne ensemble comprising Eric Demetriou, Makiko Yamamoto, Camila Galaz, Sam George, Kalinda Vary and Travis John, who are both a band (a group that performs, if not music, then at least something in proximity to music), and also a presenter (an entity standing side-of-stage offering up the work of another). This nominative confusion is integral and apt, as the band primarily presents their own work: The Band Presents … The Band Presents.



Feature collaboration: Fujui Wang (TAIWAN) and Jannah Quill (AUS)

Specially curated duet meeting between Fujui Wang, a pioneering Taiwanese noise artist who employs hypersonic ultra-directional speakers to make audio beams that travel like lasers refracting between mirrors, and Jannah Quill from Sydney, who sculpts cracked everyday electronics into pulsating and menacing noise fields of static and tone. Music to prove Kittler’s theory that the “entertainment industry is, in all senses of the term, misuse of military equipment”.



Cleek Schrey (USA), Matthias Schack Arnott (AUS), Deborah Kayser (AUS), Peter Knight (AUS)

Deep in the alternate space between notes and noises, this quartet will explore the interweaving of folk musics far-afield within electroacoustic texture.



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