Mind (and ears) fully blown

The Supersense weekend is your chance to embark on an hour of face-melting, musically adventurous doom metal. Intrigued? Welcome to the abstract musical structures of Nazoranai. Formed in 2011, this power trio combines Australian free-jazz drummer Oren Ambarchi, Japanese noise icon Keiji Haino and Sunn O)))’s main man Stephen O’Malley.

Credit_ben guiver_Nazoranai2013

“An unholy blend of doom metal, free-form psych rock and pure howl-at-the-moon madness” – Time Out New York


Uniting several generations of improvisation and noise music, the band played its first gig in Amsterdam when Stephen O’Malley suggested to Ambarchi they invite Keiji Haino and perform as a trio. They knew each other but had never played together. Six years in the making, Nazoranai’s tremendous darkness and tortuous sound transcend into the spiritual, pounding out silence with unrelenting savagery.

A force of sound that must be experienced to be believed.

Book now to see this mesmerizing performance. Tickets available in a Full Festival Pass or a single ticket on Sunday Closing night.


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